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Power of Life Source from Land and Ocean

Developed in Russian Far East—Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences
Development and Quality Control by Scientists
Our basis is a scientific approach and strict quality control at every stage of production
Chestny ZNAK
Patented technology of supplements manufacturing. Each of them is labelled with «Chestny ZNAK»
High-End Equipment
Meets global scientific standards
Pharma Mare® offers supplements, foods and cosmetics based on natural marine and terrestrial substances provided by the nature of Russian Far East.

The Pharma Mare® team includes scientists from the G. B. Elyakov Pacific Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry. The foundation of our products is science.

Candidates and doctors of science dedicated their lives to studying marine natural compounds and how to help people with them. This has resulted in a product that improves quality of life and supports health and beauty.
PIBOC—a guide between the nature and your health
Products are created in laboratories and production buildings of Far Eastern Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • 30+ scientific researchers working on our products
  • 8 doctors of sciences, candidates of sciences, postgraduate students
  • 80+ research papers are published annually
Our Products
Pharma Mare® products feature natural ingredients such as:
Brown Algae
Contains compounds unique in structure and biological effect on the human circulatory system. Source of fucoidan
Chaga Mushroom
The mushroom extract is able to increase the body's defense functions
Sea Urchin
Contains B vitamins, A, C, E, as well as zinc and iodine
Maackia Amurensis
A plant that contains substances that can protect and regenerate liver
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